Monday, 20 August 2012

I can't believe it

Has it really been so long since I last posted here??? Where time is going to this year I really don't know - it just seems to be passing me by.
Think I spend more time blog hopping than actually sorting out my own blog, but I did say when I started this thing that might be the case.
A quick visit tonight to say hello to everyone and a promise to start posting some cards soon, just as soon as things calm down a bit in our household.
OH is in hospital tonight having had a half knee replacement today - seemed fine when I went to see him earlier and already planning his escape (he's hoping for tomorrow but I think it might be Wednesday).
We've all been on tenderhooks recently with daughter and her pending exam results but we can now breathe a sigh of relief for another year - she has just done her AS levels and did pretty good if I may say so - bless her she did work her socks off so deserves her results.
Since completing his first year at Uni son has been like a yo-yo - he's managed to fit in a couple of holidays and some weekends away (he's just got back from the "V" Festival at Weston Park where he had a brilliant time and the weather was good which was an added bonus.
And finally to mark the end of the "holidays" we've got tickets for the paralymics which I was lucky enough to win via Sainsbury's, only downside of that now is that OH will not be fit enough to cope with all the walking that will entail so we will have to leave him at home :(
Right off to get a bit of crafty time in while the going is good.
Thanks to those of you who have left comments even though I have been a very bad blogger indeed.
Speak to you soon.