Sunday, 13 November 2011

At last time to post some cards

Well its been ages since I've posted anything on here but I have been dipping in and out of other blogs and leaving comments where I can.
I have done a little crafting but not managed any of the Less is More challenges lately - hoping to do something this week if I can.
Anyway it was my husband's and daughters birthdays not long ago so I thought I would blog the cards I made. These are the ones made for my husband Tony, haven't taken photos of my daughter's yet but will try and blog them later this week. Not the best of photos but you get the idea.

Thanks for looking - hope to be back soon.

Friday, 23 September 2011

LIM No. 5

Last (but not least) a card a did a little while ago - don't think this has been blogged before but if it has I apologise again (really want to post as many cards as possible).
The photography on all these LIM 1000 challenge cards is not brilliant but its rather bad light to take piccies really

LIM - No 4

This time a bit of stamping and matting and layering - not sure if this is clean and simple enough so sorry if it doesn't really qualify.

LIM - 3rd card

Another card - this time bit of embossing and some good old stamping and colouring in

LIM - 2nd card

Another card made after my play with inks

Less is More - Week 33 - 1000 challenge

Well I really wasn't sure I'd get to post anything again this week but as I think it might have been my comment that sparked the idea to get 1000 posts I thought I'd better pull out all the stops, as it is I wouldn't say the following posts are my best work but they are cards towards the 1000 challenge over at Less is More
So I played with some inks last night and this is one of the cards I produced

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Less is More - Week 21 - Sketch

Yeah I've managed to get a bit of crafting in already this week so have something to submit to the latest Less is More Challenge. Again something very simple using a Clarity stamp I got at the NEC some time ago - wanted to do something other than floral - hope this fits the criteria.

There seems to be a few more entries again this week - not quite so taxing on the old grey matter :)

Thanks for looking - off now to have another look around the other entries.

Have a good week

Thursday, 16 June 2011

One Layer - In the Frame

Over at Less is More this week the challenge is for a one layer card using a frame either for the image or sentiment or both. Have been quite busy this week as son is home from Uni and we are now putting all his stuff away (how do they accumulate so much in a few short months). Anyway have had a quiet few minutes tonight so have put this quick thank you card together using a Clarity corner stamp and a stampin up sentiment. Hope you like it.

Have also decided why I don't get more crafty time - I spend too much time blog hopping (especially on the Less is More entries) - brilliant inspiration though.

Take care everyone

Friday, 10 June 2011

Less is More Week 18 - Monochrome

Okay just going to sneak an entry in for this week's Less is More challenge for Monochrome - criteria is to use or display only shades of one colour or black and white. Any colour may be chosen but all shades should be within the chosen spectrum...
Wasn't sure I'd get time to do something and my first effort was disasterous but I've managed to come up with this which I hope fits the bill.

Thank you for visiting and for any comments you leave, they are very much appreciated.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Don't know how I've managed it but actually did a bit more crafting this week - maybe because it was absolutely necessary for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Anyway I thought I'd add it to my blog (a) because I like it and (b) will be nice to have something other than a challenge card on here.

Not the best of photo's but you get the idea.

Been a busy day at work so feeling rather heavy eyed at the moment, just glad its the weekend.

Take care everyone and thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave behind - they are truly appreciated.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Yeah I've had time for crafting

No matter how hard I've tried over the last few weeks I've not managed to post my entries for the Less is More Challenge on time (or even at all) but despite feeling pretty groggy today with streaming nose and sore throat I've actually managed to produce something - going from one extreme to the other because I've got three cards to show you for this week's challenge which is Pick a Square.

The idea is to split a card into five squares (four corners and the centre), pick one to use and leave the rest as white space.

Hope you like what I've managed to produce (although the photography is not brilliant).

Thursday, 19 May 2011

At Last

Well I still haven't found the lead to connect the camera to the computer but I did go out and buy a memory card reader (just got to hide it from children now so this doesn't go awol as well). Anyway it means that I can now download the two cards I made for the Less is More White on White challenge - I know I've "missed the boat" by a week but thought I put them on here anyway.

Now all I've got to do is go and make a card for this week's challenge and upload it by tomorrow evening - where has the week gone to again

Friday, 13 May 2011

Missed again

Can't believe that another week has gone by and I've not managed to post the two cards I made for this week's Less is More Challenge of White on White.
I actually did make something this week but up until now have been relying on scanning my cards into the computer - have taken pictures of 1 card and was going to do the other tonight and download them both but can I find the cable to connect camera to computer - NO. Will have to wait now until my children get home and see if they know where it is !!!

Ah well maybe I'll be more organised next week :)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Less is More - Acetate

Well can you believe that another week has gone by already - where is this year disappearing to??

I was beginning to wonder if I would get a chance to make a card for this weeks Less is More Challenge but I've had a bit of time to myself tonight so instead of cleaning the windows which was the target I'd set myself I decided a bit of "me" time was in order (well it has been one of those days at work where I seem to have gone backwards instead of forwards lol).

So onto this week's challenge a card using acetate in any way you want - its certainly caused a lot of sharp intakes of breath among the LIMette community, however I thought if others can rise to the challenge then so should I (or at least try).

Taking inspiration from Mandi's card from last week I have spent a very pleasant evening assembling tiny daisys using a small punch and some papermania gemstones. Leaving those to dry for a while I used alcohol inks on some acetate and stamped an image in the centre (could have possibly chosen a better image but couldn't find the one I wanted). This was then mounted behind an aperture cut in a 15cm square card together with an insert so you couldn't see the inner workings and finally the daisys stuck around the circle. The spacing on the daisys could probably have been a bit better but I think it works okay.

Thanks for looking and any comments you may leave - I really enjoy being part of the LIM community.

Monday, 11 April 2011

One Layer with a focus on the Sentiment

Over at Less is More Chrissy and Mandi certainly know how to give us all a headache - this weeks challenge is a One Layer Card with the focus to be on the sentiment now I took some time to think about this as I don't own that many sentiments and then thought of one from Pink Petticoat which has recently been made into a stamp (free with a recent magazine although I can't recall which one), so Saturday evening out came the card and inks etc and I made this little card which I was going to post on Sunday morning but my scanner went on the blink and I had to delay submitting my entry and then when I came to look at the entries already made I noticed that Maureen had beaten me to it using this sentiment and produced something along similar lines. Shame to waste it so thought I'd post anyway along with something else.

So out came the thinking cap again and its taken me until now to come up with something else - I sometimes feel a bit intimidated looking at all the other marvellous entries so far but hey ho we all start somewhere and its great to get such inspiration and learn from others which is the marvellous thing about the Less is More blog. So this is my second attempt which uses a sentiment I used for a previous challenge but its good to get milage out of your stamps isn't it.

I hope you like these I know they aren't the best representations as they are scans but what with computer problems etc I haven't got round to sorting out my camera options yet.

Thanks for looking

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Touch of Red

Well I missed last week's Less is More Challenge and was determined to get something submitted earlier this week only problem is I don't seem to have much "me time" lately unless I craft into the early hours which isn't doing me any good at all. Anyway having got the house to myself this evening I demolished the pile of ironing and ignoring anything else that needs to be done I've sat down and done this quick card for this week's A Touch of Red challenge. I can't remember where I picked up this idea originally but the layout is pretty effective whatever papers you use. Now not sure you'll believe me if I say the small squares are layered onto red mirri board - it looks black in the scan but in actual fact I now think it would have looked better on black anyway - bit too much red for my liking.

Thanks for any comments you may leave - thanks for looking.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Less is More - Masculine

Well I honestly didn't think I'd manage to do a post this week for the Less is More Challenge as I've been pretty busy most evenings but I've taken a couple of days off work and having been to the NEC yesterday and bought more craft stash I had to have a quick "play". The image I've used is from Lily of the Valley and is perfect for my family - both husband and son are ardent rugby supporters (albeit from the sidelines as neither of them play anymore) and also my daughter who does play the tag version of the game although she would much prefer to play the contact version.
Anyway I know its not perfect coz as I said it was a quick play but hey ho couldn't let the side down.
Right I really must go and either do some housework or gardening but the lure of the new craft stash is very tempting.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Less is More - Off the Edge

This weeks challenge over at that totally addictive blog Less is More is to produce a one layer card with the image stamped "off the edge" and with no embossed lines allowed. Looking at other entries this has had quite a few people thinking long and hard and as ever they have produced some stunning and inventive cards. It is quite amazing how many different "takes" there can be on the same theme. Anyway after thinking long and hard myself and with a few false starts I've come up with this offering which I hope is acceptable. The main image and little mushrooms are from Lavinia and the sentiment from Papermania. Not sure where the other stamp has come from.

Thanks for looking and any comments you may leave, they are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Less is More - Pastels

At long last some sunshine although its still been very cold, hoping we get a few more days like today but will not be holding my breath.

Not having a good week so far as our poorly chinchilla passed away yesterday, we knew he wasn't fully recovered but he did seem to be on the road to recovery so it came as a shock - worst thing was breaking the news to my son who is in his first year at Uni in London and having a bit of a tough time - Muffin was his pet and he was obviously very upset - it was awful not being there to comfort him.

Anyway, today has been a bit better work hectic but no more than usual, came home and managed to finish off all the ironing (a rare occurance in this household) and then actually had a chance to do a little bit of crafting and do something for this week's Less is More challenge which is a colour challenge to use pastels. The standard of the entries for this week (and there are a lot of them already) is as high as ever and there is an awful lot of inspiration to be had by looking through them. I wasn't sure what I was going to do at first but browsing through the blogs I follow I spotted a post from Pink Petticoat about retiring images and remembered I had this one so thought I'd see what I could produce with it. Not entirely happy with this but I was determined to do something for the challenge and don't know if I'll get chance again this week - if I do I'll do a second entry. Let me know what you think, your comments are truely appeciated - I only started a blog as a means to "follow" others and gain inspiration but the Less is More challenges have really been addictive.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Busy Weekend

Well its been a busy weekend (as usual) trying to fit everything in before work again on Monday morning.

Went to a friends on Saturday for a Stampin Up Workshop with the lovely Emma and came away having spent far too much but having had a really good time. Emma gave us a really nice project to get our teeth into and we had a great time crafting and catching up with each other.

Anyway I was determined today to sort something out for the Less is More Challenge Blog as I had missed the deadline last week - shame because if I had managed it entries would have tipped over the 200 mark which is incredible when you think how long this Blog has been in existence. Well done Chrissie and Mandy.

Coming back to this week's challenge it is a recipie to use three squares. Now I've racked my brains to come up with something "outside the box" as others have done before me but couldn't manage this (too much brain power needed) so instead have settled for a standard layout.
First off I played with some alcohol inks to make a background and then used the flower stamp that was free with Craft Stamper some time ago added a few pearls and a sentiment.
The second card uses an image from Little Claires, stamped in versamark and then embossed in gold a simple sentiment and thats it.
Not sure if I'm really happy with either of them but perhaps I'll be back later in the week with something else.
A quick thank you to everyone who has left kind comments on my blog - I'm still very new to posting stuff and it does give me a boost when someone leaves a comment.

Friday, 25 February 2011

I missed the deadline

Wow what a week its been, after a lovely day on Saturday I've hardly had time for any crafting - really don't know where time has gone to as I haven't done anything special. Anyway I did get a bit of time last night and settled down to do something for the "Less is More" challenge again. unfortuntely I wasn't entirely happy as didn't line the sentiment up properly (more haste less speed) but having said that I was going to post it anyway. However fate must have been against me as I didn't get on to the computer until well after the deadline - never mind these things happen as they say.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Crafty Saturday

Yeah, half way through the week already and counting down till Saturday. OH and daughter are off to a rugby match and son is in Venice on a field trip so guess whose got the day to herself - yippee. I've invited friends over and we're going to have a crafty day with a bit of lunch thrown in and lots of chatting tea and cake - yummmm

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Don't get enough time for crafting at the moment - by the time I get home from work feel soooo tired and then once I've sorted out food for the family and fed our poorly chinchilla there isn't much time left. I did however manage to produce something for the Less is More challenge (see previous blog) and while sifting through my stamps came across a set by Dimension Fourth and made these in the two different colour ways.

Think I quite like these and might make a second submission to the Less is More challenge with them.

One Layer Challenge

This week's challenge over at Less is More is a one layer card and having plucked up the courage to submit my very first challenge entry last week and encouraged by the kind comments left I have come back for another go.
I'm not entirely happy with this but knowing it's unlikely I'll get a chance to do another thought I'd give it a go anyway.
Thanks to Mandy and Chrissie for creating this blog - I managed to have a look at most entries last week but this week seems to be more popular than ever so not sure I'll get round them all.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

B is for Birthday - Less is More

Have been looking at all the recent entries for the new challenge blog Less is More and thought I might try doing a card using white, pink and black - this is what I came up with as a first attempt

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Time Flys

Well its been over 12 months since I last posted but I have been dipping into everyone elses blogs to check out whats what.

Got a poorly chinchilla to cope with at the moment - he's had bad teeth and is now not eating properly (probably because it hurt before) so I'm having to syringe feed him bless - he looks soooo cute when I'm doing it.

Thought it might be about time I tried adding a card or two occasionally so here goes.
This is a card I made for my other half some time ago - the pints of beer are set inside an appature and can spin around - didn't think it too bad an effort for a first go at this type of card.
Right off to have a little look at what's new elsewhere.