Wednesday, 16 October 2013

It's been a long time !

How have five months managed to pass by since the last time I posted.
Things haven't been good in my household in that I lost my mum suddenly in June - one minute she was fit and well and the next she got a "tummy bug" which turned out to be C.diff and there was nothing that could be done. We got her to the doctors and hospital on Tuesday and she passed away Friday without having come round from the sedation she was put under because of the pain.  I spoke to her doctor recently and she couldn't believe it either. We're slowly coming to terms with it but it's so hard.
On a brighter note my daughter has just started Uni in Cardiff, although that's not been without problems to, especially when her boyfriend broke up with her last week and she promptly hopped on a  train and came home! Still it's her birthday next week so we're off to see her for a couple of days - just hope weather improves a bit.
Obviously for the reasons above I've not done a lot of crafting but sometime ago I went to a demo on art journalling and promptly decided to have a go so rather than no piccies at all I thought I'd show you my very first page background - hope you like it, just got to remember how to do this for next time.

Not a brilliant picture, but better than nothing.
Take care everyone andI hope to be back soon.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Good Intentions

Why is it that I start off with such good intentions about blogging and then immediately let myself down :(
It's been a while since I last dipped in here but life just gets in the way sometimes.
Anyway I have been blog hopping still and noticed that this week at Less is More there is achallenge to produce a card which includes dogs or cats - well I couldn't resist as I have such a cute dog stamp that rarely gets used.  I bought it to use for a card for my sister some years ago and it hasn't really been used since then, especially now her dog has passed on - this stamp is the spitting image of him.

I have made a couple of cards but couldn't get a decent picture of the other one.  Hope you like this and I'll try my hardest to post again before too long.
Take care

Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Calendars

Well I'm trying to be good and not leave it too long in between posts and although I've not done much crafting in the last week or so I have remembered some calendars that I did just before Christmas so thought I'd pop them on here and see what you think.

I got the idea and the template for the calendar pages from the One Lucky Day Blog and thought I'd make a couple for Christmas pressies - the top one however I did make for myself and the second one was originally intended for my son to give to his girlfriend but then he went and did a more personal photo calendar for her so I've now got a second one for home.  The recipients of the ones I gave away seemed to like them - hope you do too.

Have a good week and I hope to be back soon.
Thanks for any comments left, I really do appreciate these.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hi not been a very good blogger at the end of last year although I was dipping in and out of other blogs.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and that you haven't broken all your resolutions yet - I haven't made any as they inevitably get broken!!

Had a very senior moment at Christmas I got all my cards made and then thought I really ought to take some photos to blog these and then what did I do, promptly forgot all about that and wrote and posted them instead :(

Life is still hectic - daughter had two uni interviews in the run up to Christmas (and has got two offers no less yeah) She has another three interviews in the next few weeks so fingers crossed - she will then have the difficult decision as to which one is favourite and which one is her insurance choice - glad its not my decision!

Anyway getting back to my blog hopping I noticed that Tim Holtz is continuing his 12 tags series for 2013 and having seen his tag I realised I had the quote stamp if nothing else so being brave or foolhardy (I'll let you decide which) I thought I would have a go at this challenge.  This is my effort, although the photo isn't very good and I've realised I've taken the picture before putting the ribbon in it - what am I like!!
I hadn't got any gear die cuts or a time piece embossing folder so instead I reversed the format and came up with this - I've used glossy accents on the watch faces and a fragment over the arrow and all in all I'm pretty happy with it - let me know what you think I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for looking and I hope to be back here again very soon.