Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No cards to show in this post either

Well its been just over three weeks since my last post, husband was out of hospital the day following his operation but has been signed off work for 8 weeks - because his is not a desk job and he does some building maintenance work they have said he cannot go back until mid October - sure he'll be bouncing off the walls by then.

With hubby out of hospital I managed to get to the Paralympics with the children and had a fabulous time.  We also went to see the rehearsal for Russell Howard's latest series which was hilarious.

The Olympic stadium was absolutely awesome, the children got some brilliant panoramic shots on their phones which I must get them to send me - no prizes for guessing this is the Olympic flame.

We got to see field and track events including the club throw, discus and shot putt - GB got a bronze for the shot putt and we saw the medal ceremony for this - in fact I felt sorry for the silver and gold medalists because you can guess who got the loudest cheers.

We also saw Hannah Cockroft winning her heat for the T34 100m - that girl can really move

Right I have got a few cards to show you as well but will save these for another post - which means I cannot leave it so long again.  Thanks for dropping by.



  1. Trudi looks like you had a great time. Hope husband gets better soon and doesn't get in your way for crafting!!!! Zx

  2. Hola Trudi, thank you for your kind comment.
    I hope your husband gets better.
    Fantastic time in the olimpic stadium, I was there for olimpic games, my husband is working in London :D and i hope to see yours cards soon :D
    A warm hug from Palma

  3. Hola Trudi, thank you for your comment about my cameo:D, i'm glad to see you, i hope your husband is in health.
    Hugs from Palma